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Vocal Improvisation & Collaboration

Jennifer’s musical life continues to evolve and in recent years she has been diving deeper into vocal improvisation and collaboration, studying with Rhiannon, a master of vocal improvisation who performs as part of WeB3 and Gimme5 alongside the likes of Bobby McFerrin, David Worm, Joey Blake, and Judi Vinar. With the skills she is acquiring, Jennifer hopes to take vocal improvisation and the collaborative aspects of circle singing into the performance realm. She finds this work very profound for both her personal growth and in her work with community choirs.

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Songwriting Projects

Whether transporting us into the paintings of David Hockney or onto the page of a 62-year old who has just learned to read and write, into a corner coffee shop or the lives of Irish immigrant settlers, Jennifer introduces us to an eclectic array of characters similar to those you might come across while thumbing through your morning newspaper. Her melodies and rhythms, tinged with jazz, blues, old time and even hip-hop, are as eclectic as her subjects.

A passion for pictures and love of language give Jennifer a painter’s eye for detail and a poetic knack for capturing what lies beyond the obvious.

In 1997, Jennifer won the Ontario Council of folk Festival’s Songs from the Heart Songwriting Competition. Since then she has captured audiences at festivals, coffee houses and house concerts in Ontario, Alberta and BC. Jennifer has toured with Lynn Miles and Ian Tamblyn, and has shared stages with Dar Williams, Garnet Rogers, Stephen Fearing, Rick Fines, and Eliza Gilkyson.

Her release Sweet! was the follow-up to her acclaimed 1998 debut Watch As You Walk. Both albums have received generous airplay on CBC radio and community radio stations across Canada. 

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From 2004 to 2009, Jennifer joined Ottawa-area songwriters Chris MacLean and Alise Marlane to become Frida's Brow. Their debut self-titled album Frida's Brow (2006) was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the Best Vocal Group category that same year.  Frida’s Brow performed at festivals, house concerts, commercial venues and festivals in Ontario and western Quebec.